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TogetherConnected will enhance people’s lives by providing a means to communicate so no person is left alone.


Who We Are

TogetherConnected is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our Board of Directors, led by a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each board member utilizes their expertise and leadership to provide fiduciary management, organizational governance, and general oversight to ensure that the mission and goals of the TogetherConnected are met.

More specifically, TogetherConnected is dedicated to improving communications with loved ones by providing connections from one generation to another to those in need. For example, TogetherConnected provides greeting, holiday and birthday cards to residents in skilled Nursing Care facilities as well as technology to connect with family and friends.

Here at TogetherConnected, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. TogetherConnected will enhance people’s lives by providing a means to communicate so no person is left alone.

Who We Are
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How We Came to Be!

TogetherConnected originated in June 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Dad aka “TC” had a stroke and was taken to the hospital where we were told he was unable to have visitors due to the pandemic restrictions. The need for connection was especially important because as an RN his daughter Suzanne knew how vital communication is to any recovery and maintenance of care. Our Dad had limited mobility, confusion at times and he was not in a familiar environment. It was frustrating not to be able to go visit him in person and due to lack of resources at the facility, we weren’t able to connect with him using technology.  With our Dad's health declining, a connection needed to be made - he needed to see and hear us as a family - and we needed him to know he wasn’t alone VISUALLY. It was important for him to see us, talk with us and, most importantly, hear us loving him. That screen was all we had.

Our family is located all over the country, so we have relied very heavily on visual communication during this pandemic. It was an eye-opening experience for us to realize how limited this was not only for our father but for other patients/residents in hospitals, recovery/rehabilitation centers, and long-term care facilities.

Our family and friends banded together and helped us donate iPad devices to the facilities our Dad was in during his last days. The devices were all well received, especially from those looking for that visual connection. This positive feedback gave us a solution to a problem and led to the formation of the TogetherConnected foundation. 

Pandemic or not, we continue to see the need for families to connect with their loved ones due to distance and limited travel. TogetherConnected is helping to bridge the gap of distance and time and wants to ensure that no one is alone!  If you know of a facility that needs a connection, please fill out the requested information under the Application for Communication Connection.

We want to thank you for visiting our page. Your generous donations will help facilitate this vitally important connection to one another.

With prayer and blessings,

The Family of Thomas Costello

Never Alone


Donations made Payable to 

TogetherConnected, Inc

Mailing Address:

14 Abington Drive

Londonderry NH 03053

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Home: How We Came to Be

Application for Communication Connection

Servicing Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities and
Rehabilitation Facilities

* Together we are creating connections that facilitate one generation to another and restore relationships. 

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